Sunday, November 16, 2014

Goodbye Oklahoma, Hello Arizona

May 28, 2012

At the end of May we said goodbye to our beloved Oklahoma and all of our wonderful friends there.  As a parting gift, the weather produced a massive hail storm two days before we closed on our house and completely totaled the roof.  Again.  We were super worried the buyer would back out because of it, but everything worked out.  We made a claim with the insurance company and they paid us so we could pay the buyer to have the whole thing replaced after we were gone.  We miss Oklahoma and all the fun we had there!  We miss the city with all the fun it had to offer; we miss the restaurants, and the shopping, the zoo, the parks, the science museum, and Frontier City and White Water Bay.  We miss the crazy and unpredictable weather.  We miss the city shutting down for a quarter inch of snow, and the impossible slipperiness of the ice storms.  We even miss watching nervously as every channel displayed images of the latest tornadoes touching down and watching them near our location.  Most of all we will miss our ward family and all of our amazing friends we had to leave behind.  Oklahoma was such a great adventure!!


The next chapter in our life begins with this sign...  Arizona!  Bullhead City, Arizona to be exact.  Zack drove the big truck with all of our stuff, Ady and Brinks drove out with Papa a few days earlier, and I flew out with baby Keaton and Nama.  We stayed at Zack's Parents house for a few days before heading to Bullhead City.  Here we are arriving in BHC.  

We moved into our house on the "Loop" on Memorial Day.  Zack's uncle Kirk, who is also his new employer, let us live in one of his rental houses free of charge for 6 months.  Kirk and Carolyn live down the street from us and Grandma (GG) and Grandpa are just two houses away on the other side.  We just love living by family, it's so much fun!  They have really helped us get acquainted with BHC and life in the desert.  We cannot believe how HOT it is here.  The hottest part of the summer gets up to 125!!!  I hope we can handle it!  Zack started working at Jennings and Larson Family Dentistry just a few days later.  We are so proud of him, and so excited to start this next chapter in our lives!  


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